Oil Boiler Servicing – From Old to New

Oil Boiler Servicing

An annual oil boiler servicing is very important as it ensures that your boiler and burner is operating to the specifications designed by the boiler manufacturer. This will prolong the life of the boiler and help reduce the risk of burner failure. It will also save you money in fuel costs.

The efficiency of an oil-fired boiler deteriorates greatly through out its life span, The main reasons for this is Soot caused by the combustion process clogs the baffle plates, flue ways and the surface of the heat exchanger. The air to oil combustion ratio changes due to gradual component wear, having your oil boiler serviced by Heating Controls will remove all soot deposits and will re-establish the optimum combustion conditions for your boiler, saving you oil and money.

All oil boiler services will be accompanied by an oil service report certificate, indicating the work, which was carried out, and recommended remedial work required.